Sara is a caring, knowledgeable, non-judgmental guide in seeking ease and awareness for her students. When it comes to feeling restored and re-energized, one Alexander lesson with Sara is worth a dozen massages treatments. As a drummer, singer, and avid tennis player, I make frequent use of her teachings to free myself of tension, increasing my stamina and allowing me to perform at a high level. - Jeff, musician

I have been working with Sara for many years, at first intensively, and more recently for Alexander Technique "tune ups.' Sara has helped me resolve neck pain from my job sitting at a desk and I am naturally finding more ease and enjoyment in my favorite hobbies of yoga and horse back riding. I highly recommend Sara, whether you are trying AT for the first time or are a more experienced student.  - Cheryl, social worker

I was Sara's student for several years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is knowledgeable, patient, professional, and warm. Her explanations were clear and sensible and her assistance made a concrete difference in my posture/the way I use my body. - Darcie, educator

Studying Alexander Technique with Sara literally changed my life. Whether one is coming from a need for help with a specific physical ailment, or stress and anxiety relief, her understanding and approach to working with each individual situation is profoundly effective. Please try a series and see for yourself. - Susan, musician

I first visited Sara nearly 9 years ago. I was in severe pain - my back, my shoulders, and my neck hurt. Even worse, my mind was frantic and anxious. I would like to say that my first lesson was transformational, but it was the second lesson that changed my life. I still remember how incredible I felt after getting up from the table, realizing how powerful this skill was. Sara taught me skills that are essential in my high stress lifestyle - I would not be able to function without the things I learned from her. - Clay, executive, technology

I worked with Sara for a few years as a musician and conductor. She really helped me develop an awareness of my body and how I was moving. This helped me reduce the amount of tension I had in my movements and really opened up my playing as a trombonist and movement as a conductor. - Max, conductor, educator, musician

Working with Sara has changed my life in significant ways.  Because of chronic back and neck pain, I was a writer who couldn't sit, a teacher who hated to stand, and a father who yearned to (but couldn't) carry my son around on my shoulders.  Some days, the only thing that didn't hurt my back and neck was lying down. I'd tried chiropractic, massage, PT, heat, ice, ultrasound, acupuncture, yoga, magnets, weird pillows they sell on TV at 2am... you name it, I'd tried it.  Alexander Technique has been the only practice to give me both short- and long-term relief and results (four years and counting), and Sara's teaching of AT helped the teachings stick. The lessons went deep-- helping me develop greater body-mind awareness and integration-- and were very concrete and practical-- learning new and healthier ways to sit, stand, empty the dishwasher, write at the desk, slice an apple, and carry my son. Most importantly, I learned to understand my body's natural intelligence, and how to let it re-direct itself when stuck-ness or pain was coming... often in a few minutes. Alexander Technique ain't liposuction, folks-- it's no overnight miracle-- but it does give you the awareness and methods to make healthy, lasting changes. Sara's teaching is gentle, personal, and focused on the long game, and working with her has been a blessing. - John, executive director, non government organization

I started working with Sara several years ago when she was based in Seattle, because I was having muscle tension issues that interfered with my singing. She is a very patient teacher, and provided a safe and non-judgmental lesson space. Over time I was able to develop a greater body awareness, and as a side benefit I felt less nervous when performing. I highly recommend Sara! - Erika, singer

I took lesson's from Sara for years in Seattle. She saved me from serious back issues and helped me navigate life in a much healthier fashion. I think she is wonderful. -John, mountaineer

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” ―F. M. Alexander

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” ―F. M. Alexander